Strawberry Cream Biscuit Manufacturers

Subico's Strawberry Flavoured Biscuits have a great flavour and are also quite crunchy. These Strawberry Flavoured Biscuits are delicious with tea or coffee. Strawberry Flavour Biscuits are packaged with particular care to ensure freshness, crispiness, and flavour. Strawberry essence can be felt in every mouthful of the consumers, not just in terms of freshness and taste. At Subico, we strive to keep up with technology, so we have the most up-to-date machinery and technologies to enable us undertake thorough inspections of the raw materials we use in manufacturing. Because of the large storage area, the items are kept in the best possible condition to prevent loss while loading and unloading.

Strawberry Cream Biscuits Exporter

At Subico, we make sure to maintain hygiene by keeping the production space sanitised; our employees always wear gloves while working in the production department; and because we are up-to-date with technology, only a few parts of the process are manually controlled by the staff; everything else is done by the equipment itself, from manufacturing to flavouring to packaging.

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