Chocolate Tum Tum Cream Biscuits

Chocolate Tum tum biscuit has everything you want in a biscuit chocolate, sweetness, creaminess, and deliciousness. It's one of those biscuits that's so addicting that you can eat it plain. Some tea drinkers appreciate it with their afternoon cup and say it's one of the things they look forward to when it's time for tea. They find it difficult to substitute any other biscuit since Chocolate Tum Tum cookies come first. Typically, these biscuits are served as a snack with a cold or hot beverage. Customers may also find Chocolate Tum tum biscuits handy as a basis for chocolate cake or pudding. A chocolate biscuit manufactured at Subico is a compact, flat, crisp baking item

Chocolate Tum Tum Cream Biscuits Manufactures in India

prepared using flour, sugar or honey as a sweetener, butter or vegetable oils, melted chocolates or cocoa powder, and a chemical leavening agent like baking powder. Only a few parts of the process are manually controlled by the staff at Subico; everything else is done by the appliances itself, from producing to seasoning to packaging. Because we are up-to-date with technology, only a few parts of the process are manually controlled by the staff.We have a team of food specialists at Subico that always lead us on a path where we can progress with technology and creativity. We want to push ourselves to new heights by introducing new products and variations of freshly made biscuits. All of the raw ingredients used in the various biscuits are of the highest quality and come from well-known foundries.

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